NWET is an ICT company which strives for increased customer relations and work satisfaction. Better industry service with leading technical knowledge to provide customers with the best known solution for their business practice.

Wireless Networking

With a vast range of services offered, NWET offer clients the freedom of choice. NWET’s vast expanse of our wireless radio network entitles us to supply an effortless service to any home, farming or business environment. Our ICASA license band frequencies and Carriers class radio devices makes us the no. 1 choice in broadband wireless connectivity. High quality equipment that can endure the extreme weather conditions have been chosen for our Backhaul network. We have a wide variety of services to choose from which will suite all home/business needs. Our dealings with corporate companies in our areas will guarantee our sustainability and service delivery for future clients/business. We are a corporate client of Telkom and Internet Solutions which give us the edge in technology advances in our area.

Call Centre

In order to transform a typical Call Centre into a Centre where relationships with clients are managed and service delivery levels are improved, NWET takes Call Centre communication to a new level with its online ticket service functionality and the ideal working environment for our staff. Excellent working conditions make a difference to the quality of the service delivered and quality service levels means retaining happy clients. Working conditions encompass the immediate working environment as well as the tools which staff have access to in order to perform their job.

Support Services

We are prepared for the fast pace technology world with solutions that will ensure satisfaction to all our clients. Our combined business solutions and technical knowledge with simple, practical methods when assisting complex IT Solutions, makes us the ideal choice for you and your business. NWET boast about our technical expertise in the IT field, with a combined skill period of over 69 years invested in our business, we offer you the best known solution for your business or network. With a dedicated team of network/database/security and application network specialists, we offer a one-stop solution from your business.

Satellite Services

NWET bundle hardware and software services to offer tailor-made packages for specific markets and user segments in South Africa. We do countrywide installations with a range of packages to choose from with competitive prices. Satellite hire options are one of our best market sellers with affordable prices.

Computer Hardware

We supply brand name computer/printer products which include; PC’s, Laptops, Printers, Scanners, Tablets and much more to all businesses and individuals. We have branded our own PC’s and Laptop’s which have a 3 year on-site warranty.


IP Security

Included in our product range is our IP Security Camera products, which can be maintained and used by the client, limiting the costs of external security fees. Our high resolution / high quality cameras consist of a broad range of products with we guarantee will suite your needs in securing your environment. With numerous installations done by schools, farmers, grain silos and retail shops we pride ourselves in offering our clients a make shift solution specific to their needs.


The latest voice communication trend to hit the market is VOIP. This service will reduce the cost of phone calls made. The technology is based on Internet connectivity where only IP ready phones will work. NWET offers various phone models for your unique environment which range from a one-user handset to switchboard solutions.

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